Monday, January 25, 2016

I Want to Be Left To My Own Devices.

This is where I went for a walk Saturday. And a gang of young men sped by on bikes whooping.

In the past week, two couples that I know have gotten engaged.
Heather, whose locker used to be next to mine, is marrying Elliott, who is British and whose parents died in high school and who once complimented my dainty feet and proceeded to ask me if I wanted children and what I would like to name them.

My friend Regan, who lives in D.C and is interning at the Smithsonian, is marrying her long time boyfriend.
U next L?

I dunno I guess I knit a sock. I've been plagued for the past week by the second cat, Johnny, who comes in in the middle of the night and stands on my chest. And tries to free climb my leg when I'm eating something tasty and is either blind in one eye or supremely disinterested in things happening to his left.
Other cat news: Jewy's full name is Ju-On, which is the Japanese name for the Grudge (Remember watching that movie at Maddy's birthday party and it was raining outside and we were sleeping in her living room in sort of a circle and there was glare on her TV so I couldn't see any of the scary parts and someone was giggling uncontrollably close to me anyway- Nicky?). Which was a name that came for her when she was malnourished and found, a yowling kitten in a cardboard box in the alley in Montreal. I guess I don't have to worry about telling people her name anymore.

Mike left last night and I went to the store and bought makeup and a pint of ice cream. And then I was embarrassed carrying it home like a cliche next to all the other girls clutching their ice cream and lipstick bags.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

At least we're getting sun now.

I'm glad you have drunk bus stories.

I think my personal favorite for me is while I was in Montreal.  It just involved sneaking out to drink this delicious mint cooler in the alley way, a few streets behind the corner store we bought it all from. It felt ultra city slicker... and I don't remember much else from that night. I remember being silly with Camille and Kathryn.

Other than that, update on qualicum life:

  1. It's quiet.
  2. The local coffee shop makes the sweetest london fog still.
  3. I feel weird being at the local QF
  4. I'm impressed the forest walkway by my house has street lamps guiding my way. Parksville didn't have that.

Monday, January 11, 2016

Stardaddy Lives On

We were talking on break during class about throwing up and horrible hangovers, because apparently some debauchery went down this weekend, and I of course brought up the story about getting off the bus to throw up on the sidewalk, then catching the next one up to the school. I don't really remember the rest of the story to be honest. Like I know that Joey was moving to Vancouver, I know we were sitting around at someone's house passing around a small bottle of whiskey at one point. But really it was just another case of being too drunk and unjustified. Maybe this year will be the year of responsible beverage choices. The fact that no one finds that story very funny is a good indicator.

Plus David Bowie died, so nothing matters anymore.

Sunday, January 3, 2016

L and the Milk

This is the story of L and the Milk. L is a German boy traveling in Canada over the winter. L has a degree in Geography and has never lived with anyone other than his family.
This winter, he decided to rent a room that he found on Craigslist. His roommate was uncommonly gorgeous and intelligent and he had a difficult time looking her in the eye, or coming out of room to spend time in the common areas of the house.
His roommate had just started drinking milk again regularly, after a summer of full swing dairy in which she realized that it wasn't worth drinking the milk of America's most water-consuming crop, especially since it makes everything taste worse (Still better than soy maybe). She had broke down one particularly cold week and bought a two liter carton, since she foresaw the need in the coming week for many hot chocolates.
L, as was customary, had bought his own large carton of milk. However, he was so shy he had trouble asking where the recycling was kept in the house. Once he finished the milk he left the empty carton in the fridge, and simply placed a new one next to it.
One day, his roommate opened the fridge to find her own half full milk carton, accompanied by his empty carton (which she removed and recycled for him), another half full carton and- what's this?- an entire full four liter jug of milk.
This is unfortunately where the story gets more difficult to tell as the author cannot fathom what a person could be planning to do with that much milk, especially since it goes bad so quickly. This is not the sort of product that one buys in bulk to save for a day when there is nothing else to eat.
The roommate, though deeply confused, did not have the chance to ask L what his intentions with the milk were as he had a tendency to stay out late and sleep in late.
The roommate went to visit her parents for two weeks over the Christmas holidays, and in this time forgot completely about the milk. When she returned to resume her studies in the new year, however, she found that the nearly full four liter jug of milk was still in the fridge, with a thick layer of scum rimming the top.
When L left the house to continue his travels, he took the milk with him.

Saturday, December 26, 2015

The Internet Is Bigger Than Jesus or John Lennon

Nice, I'm glad you're back at it.

My brother keeps saying Dayne looks like the villain from the new Star Wars (Adam Driver though, the guy is 6.5 with a pretty solid jaw- Dayne still looks like he could blow away with the wrong gust).
My dad was appalled that the kid decided that he was done with the school that was costing his dad more than my entire degree per year- no one seems to be sure how exactly that school works anyway. I guess the thing about university is that you are forced to suspend all other life activities until you are done. Like there was a girl in my class in my undergrad who was doing an honours degree while pregnant and with another kid at home and she was basically losing her mind at all times.

Anyway my big school news is that I got high 90s in all my exams except one, and I've made the Dean's Honour Roll (that doesn't mean $$ tho). I guess at this point I kind of expect that kind of success from myself, and getting a B+ in an elective felt way worse than the honour roll thing could make up for.
Other feelings: it's kind of nice to be on the rag over Christmas, compared to other times. No one cares if all you wanna do is eat chocolate and curl up with a book.
And my dad made a joke about little Mikes running around soon, and I was like haha no thanks Dad. that's why they made birth control. I think I'm still too young for these comments, right?? Like who else has a dad with ovaries as bouncy?

Monday, December 21, 2015

monday fundays

Hey you two, making up for lost times now.

Saw Sabo for the first time in ages, I also did a casual loop around Qualicum with her and Dayne... because thats what qualicum kids do apparently. Dayne has pretty hip hair now, bragging about plans of living eventually in Brazil- but also equally excited about living in a van- he's growing up in a very particular way Ems.

Also, seeing as i'm super close to living in town now, the idea of doing a random walk to have tea in lonesome just dawned on me. Couldn't have done that before.

See you Wednesday for breakfast.

Friday, December 18, 2015

the return of this,

Hey guys... forward thanks to miss ems for telling me to use her e-mail and the pass to get back into this thing.

The last week has been stressed, i've moved and it just feels like things don't stop- i'm also anxious to start holiday baking- but i don't think that will be happening until this coming monday.

That also being said, i started reading "If on a winter's night a traveler" by Calvino- this postmodernist author from Italy and i'm unsure if i like it or could get the entirety of my heart into this. Something keeps distracting me whenever i try making myself through the book- or though a page. Below are the cool pictures I found of him via google.

Friday, October 30, 2015

Pretty Pimping

Hello, it's me.

Took a dog for a walk this morning, that was pretty dope.
Also found this perfect leaf the other day:
There are a lot of tree lined streets in my neighbourhood, and spooky Halloween decorations galore. One house on my street has a fake tombstone that says RIP S. Harper. I didn't really realize how many trees there actually are in this city. It is big and scary and grey downtown, of course, but my area feels pretty cozy right about now.
Have had a slow week, homework wise. Unfortunately this does not mean getting a head start on anything, it means watching movies and catching up on my novel reading. I went for one run, too.
I'm trying to plan a camping trip for the Spring for this side of the strait, but I think if we are going to do it early in the year it might have to be an island adventure. There's a lot of spectacular looking mountain hikes on this side, but unfortunately not a lot of mountain equipment amongst us.
I'm thinking we will probably end up doing the Juan de Fuca, which is A-ok. If so you should come Sarah Chezick. It seems like a pretty good starting-off hike. The weather will be atrocious, of course, but at least we will be able to have some roaring campfires.
Going to the island tomorrow during the day. I am stoked to have a puppy thrown on me at 7 am Sunday morning. Classic Tymeina stunt. Apparently they also have a cat now.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

You spent your time as King being mad at everything

Hey! It's me!

(Visit the Yukon and this could be me + you ;) )

How are you girls doing? I have spent the morning cutting pears, drying pears, making apple/pear sauce. Pears were on sale for $6 a bag and I am taking full advantage of that. I just wrote a big long letter to you, Ritch, and placed it in the box that I have been meaning to take to the post office for the past week. But I am going to do it as soon as the sauce is done and I am finished writing this. Pinky promise.

So far Whitehorse living has been awesome, but that is probably because I am unemployed. The wind is starting to shriek and howl in the evening. One of the roommates has escaped back to Panama for the winter. Everyone has been complaining about the late winter and lack of dry climate, but I feel as if the snow will arrive soon enough. I have been watching a lot of videos about non-electrical appliances on YouTube and wondering if it would be a feasible idea to live in a no power/water situation for the winter. People who idealize that type of lifestyle are totally barmy, but it might work for us for a little while.

There are FOUR pumpkins here to carve for Hallowe'en, whoooaah.

Hope you are both well and happy and eating good things and are generally satisfied with your current lot in life.